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C22 Inner and outer stick packing machine with Perforated Hole & Biodegradable Tea Bag

This inner and outer stick tea bag packing machine from China manufacturer for making tea bag with perforated hole, is suitable for packing kinds of tea, like black tea, Darjeeling, Assam, Ceylon, oolong tea, green tea, white tea, dark tea, organic herbal tea (rose tea, jasmine tea), flower tea, scented tea, fruit tea, health care tea and other drinks granules and slices, etc..

For stick tea packing machine, there comes with two packing solution:
1. With food grade aluminum foil as the packing materials to make tea stick.
2. With food grade paper + biodegradable pla mesh or nylon mesh to produce tea sticks.

Feature of Automatic inner and outer stick tea bag packing machine:
1. Adopts microcomputer control, machine is easy to operate.
2. The process of making tea bag, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, counting can be finished automatically.
3. The film pulling device is controlled by servo motor, ensuring accurate bag length positioning.
4. Adotp Auger filling system or Electric weigher.
5. Available with stepless adjustment of bag length.
6. Optional devices: Vibration feeding system, date printer, easy tear device, etc.

Standard parameter for inner and outer stick tea bag packing machine:

Standard Technical Data


General Packing Machine Series

Product model:


Product name:

Automatic stick tea bag packing machine (Automatically Making Holes)


20-50 bag/min

Filling range:


Bag size:

Film width: 40-80mm; Bag Length: 30-150mm

Packing materials:

Laminated or Composite Film, like PET/AL/PE; Nylon/PET/PE; PET/PA/PE; BOPP/CPP; paper-plastic. Etc…

Bag type:

Back sealing stick bag


Measuring cup filling system


220V, 50HZ, 3KW, Single phase

Here is the working video of tea stick bag packing machine: 

Here is the working video of tea stick bag packing machine in client factory: 

Working process of tea stick packing machine for making stick tea bags:

The tea stick packaging machine shows a high degree of automation and accuracy in the stick tea packaging production process, providing a strong guarantee for the production efficiency and quality of the product. The following is the main workflow of this packaging machine:

1. The machine automatically punches holes. This is the first step in the packaging process. Through sophisticated mechanical devices, the packaging machine can accurately punch holes at predetermined positions, laying a solid foundation for subsequent processes.

2. The machine automatically form and seal inner bag. The bag making process is crucial to the appearance and sealing of the product. The packaging machine quickly generates packaging bags that meet the requirements by accurately controlling material transportation and cutting, ensuring neat and beautiful packaging.

3. The machine automatically fills the material. In this process, the packaging machine accurately puts the appropriate amount of tea sticks into each packaging bag according to the preset parameters, ensuring the quality and taste of the product.

4. The machine automatically seal up bag. At this time, the packaging machine will seal the packaging bag that already contains the tea sticks, using advanced heat sealing technology to ensure the sealing and durability of the packaging bag.

5. The machine automatically wraps the outer bag. In order to further improve the protection and aesthetics of the product, the packaging machine puts an outer bag on each inner bag and seals it.

6. The machine can automatically print production date and batch number, etc. This link ensures the traceability and safety of the product, allowing consumers to buy and eat with confidence.

Throughout the process for forming, filling, sealing, and wrapping, the tea stick packaging machine demonstrated a high level of automation and intelligence, which not only improved production efficiency and reduced labor costs, but also ensured the stability and consistency of product quality. At the same time, the precise control and efficient operation of the machine also provide strong support for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

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Product Name:C22 Inner and outer stick packing machine with Perforated Hole & Biodegradable Tea Bag

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