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Coffee Stick Packing Machine with round corner

Round corner coffee stick packing machine is suitable for packing vietnam 3 in 1 ground coffee powder products in food stuff, medicines, and chemiecal industries, etc.

Feature of stick coffee bag packing machine:
1. This packagig machine with high precision, fast speed, long life, good stability, automatic forming, filling and sealing for bagging coffee bag.
2. It is not limited by the packaging container, and is suitable for occasions where the variety of materials and packaging specifications change frequently.
3. It is designed for vibrating feeding and electronic scale weighing, which overcomes the shortcomings of measurement errors caused by changes in material specific gravity.
4. The digital display is simple and intuitive, the packaging specification can be continuously adjusted, the working state can be changed arbitrarily, and the operation is very simple.
5. For materials that are prone to dust generation, the bag opening can be equipped with a dust removal interface or a dust suction device specially designed by our company.

Application for round corner coffee stick packing machine:
1. Food granule: condiments, seasonings, instant noodle seasonings, seasoning packets, chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, sugar packets, white granulated sugar, granulated sugar.

2. Medicine granule: Chinese medicine granules, granules, isatidis, cephalosporin granules, motherwort, Bupleurum granules, Zhuanggu granules, cold granules, and granules.

3. Other granule: Chemical granules, feed granules, pesticide granules, seed granules, desiccant and other granules.

4. Ground coffee power, 3 in 1 instant coffee.

Parameter of Round corner coffee stick packing machine:

Standard Technical Data


General Packing Machine Series

Product model:


Product name:

Round corner coffee stick packing machine


40-70 bag/min

Filling range:


Bag size:

Film width: 40-80mm; Bag Length: 30-150mm

Sealing type:

Back sealing coffee stick or pillow bag

Cutting way:

Round edge




220V, 50HZ, 1KW, Single phase

Here can see youtube Video of Round corner coffee stick packing machine:

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Product Name:Coffee Stick Packing Machine with round corner

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