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Xiamen Sengong Packing Equipment Co., Ltd, Since 2006, the Leading Packing Machine Manufacturer and Supplier, and Original Source of pyramid tea bag and Drip coffee packaging machinery in China because we can offer Unique Models of Packing Machine, already sold machine to whole world, like Germany, Spain, Italy, UK, USA, Australia, UAE, Saudi arabia, etc

Featured product range:
1. Pyramid tea bag packing machine - Many models to cover you need!
2. Drip coffee packaging machine - Many models to cover you need!
3. Filter paper teabag machine - Many models to cover you need!
4. Multilane packing machine - 2 - 12 Lane as request to cover you need!
5. Tagging machine for pyramid tea bag and drip coffee bag - New
6. Stand up pouch packing machine for coffee and tea

Xiamen Sengong Packing Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Xiamen city, fujian, China, a beautiful coastal city, located in Jimei District Industrial Park, Xiamen City with onvenient transportation and pleasant scenery: 10 minutes to train station, 30 minutes to Air port, and 1 hour to seaport which made the shipment for machine very efficient.

Xiamen Sengong Packing Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in 2006, which belongs to the national science and technology innovation enterprise, is committed to the research and development, manufacture and sales of high-end packaging equipment. At present, Xiamen Sengong has developed into one of the professional and powerful packaging equipment manufacturing enterprises in China.

Combined with advanced and rigorous technical concept from Germany and Japan, Xiamen Sengong machine always pay attention to the technical trends of the industry at home and abroad and grasp and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of products in the same industry for sengong pack tea bag and drip coffee bag.

Quality is dignity and quality determines the future

With the continuous growth of market demand, markets have put forward higher requirements for packaging equipment. Xiamen sengong pack machine has always been adhering to the concept of "all customer-centric". While developing at a high speed, it always takes product quality and customer trust as the main direction of work, takes "fine, professional, and strong" as the key points of product design, takes "innovation and leadership" as the market orientation, and has been standardizing with "6S" standards in the production process. The equipment realizes automatic production.

Xiamen sengong believe the concept of customer first and service first is "customer is always the first", starting from the actual needs of customers, providing customers with truly valuable services and helping customers to use products better.

It embodies the core service concept of "good customer service image, good technology, good customer relationship, and good brand". It requires the most professional service team to pay attention to every service demand of customers in a timely and comprehensive manner. By providing extensive, comprehensive and fast services, customers can experience ubiquitous satisfaction and reliable intimate feelings.

Xiamen sengong believe the core content of service enterprises to customer first:

When a service enterprise defines a service concept, it must maintain the consistency of the foreground and the background in the service system. Many companies include "improve employee self-esteem, enhance employee satisfaction, accelerate self-development, and improve service flexibility" when defining service concepts.

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