As leading manufacturing company in China, we supply tea and coffee packaging machines, and specialized in single serve tea and coffee bag packing solution, as below:

1. Pyramid tea bag packing machine (Video), to meet your need to pack biodegradable triangle tea bag, nylon tea bag, pla tea bag, with outer overwrap packets including 3 side sealing bag, four side seal pouch, vacuum bag, and triangle shaped pouch and special-shaped package, for small size tea like broken tea, green tea, and big size tea products like loose leaf tea, fruit tea, flower rose, etc.

2. Drip coffee bag packing machine (Video): With Nitrogen gas injection to keep coffee fresh, this 2 in 1 style coffee packing machine by ultrasonic seal for steeped coffee bags with thread and paper tag, and drip coffee bag as inner filter, plus outer packaging envelope in three side sealing from film roll, 4 side seal premade pouch with round corner, satisfy various demands of coffee packs and to lead the market trendency.

3. Filter paper tea bag packing machine (Video): Regarded as one kind of automatic filling and sealing machine for tea and coffee bag with thread and tag and outer overwrap, for small business starter to make herbal tea, dip coffee, supplying to hotels, resorts, hospitals, catering, supermarket, offices, supply chains, etc.

4. Automatic tagging machine for making pyramid tea bag, and drip coffee bag roll making machine: This will answer you how the tea and coffee packaging materials (PLA mesh, nylon mesh, non woven fabric, drip coffee bag roll film) are labeling with thread and tag, hanging ear respectively, and wrapping into roll so that can be applied to automated packaging equipment.

5. Sugar packing machine for sticks and sachet package: White sugar, as one kind of coffee mate, seasoning, etc, looks like a must in coffee shops, Air line in some market and this machinery offer you the right packaging solution for it.

6. Instant coffee packing machine for sticks and pouch, including the multi lane stick bag packaging machine and multi line sachet packing machine. This machinery help your soluble coffee bag production, including 3 in 1 stick pouch and freeze dried coffee sachet that still hits the need in market due to its own features.

As always, as a manufacturers and suppliers, on the way to seeking new technology and packaging solution for our clients, we never hesitate, and hope to be with you as always!

Company History - Xiamen Sengong

2020: Model C88DX, our first set of pre-made pouch pyramid tea bag packing machine (Outer Bag use doypack pouch instead of film roll as feature), and Model C618, filter paper tea bag packing machine with Octagon Tag were launched!

2019: According to market demand, we Introduce the horizontal bag-grabbing feature from C28DX into our drip coffee bag packing machine, which realized the C19H into reality in our factory!

2018: With many years of continuous innovation, we were awarded the "National High-tech Enterprise". And this year, based on old version C21DX, we developed and manufactured a new version triangle tea bag packing machine (C21DX-II).

2016: We were successfully certified by ISO9001: 2015 quality management system.

2014: With 10 years development, the machinery production in accordance with CE standard finally was realized, and our CE Certificate was approved as well. In the same year, our company invested in the development of tea tea tagging machine.

2013: C28DX, our first set of multifunctional pyramid tea bag machine with outer envelope, the integrated type, with new technology of horizontal bag-grabbing feature was developed and manufactured successfully.

2012: Foreign trade department was set up to explore the overseas market.

2011: In order to meet different market demand, more models of tea bag packing machine with different functions were developed and manufactured.

2009: Model C21DX, our first set of pyramid tea bag packing machine with our own designed embedded ultrasonic part was developed and manufactured successfully, which solved the problem of unstable ultrasonic sealing in ultrasonic sealing system. In the same year, we started to develop C19D ultrasonic sealing drip coffee packing machine.

2007: Model C19II, the heat sealing drip coffee packaging machine was successfully developed and manufactured in bulk.

2006: Xiamen Sengong Packing Equipment Co., Ltd was founded and mass production of inner and outer tea bag packing machine came into reality.

2004: Model C18, our first set of tea bag making machine for inner & outer tea bag packaging with new“Horizontal In-feeding Tag” was developed and manufactured successfully in our company, which opened a new era for tea bag packing machine in this field.

Xiamen Sengong Packing Equipment Co., Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer for packing machinery. With decades of unremitting efforts, we have developed a series of more flexible, more stable, more user-friendly packing machine such as Pyramid tea bag packing machine, triangle nylon tea bag packing machine, drip coffee packing machine (Ultrasonic and heat sealing), filter paper tea bag packing machine, tea bag tagging machine, Instant coffee packing machine (Sticks and sachet), Sugar packaging machine (Stick and pouch), etc

Sengong wins a wide reputation for products with high efficiency, excellent reliability, easy maintenance and long life-time, and all our machines are equipped with reliable brand components such as Airtac, Siemens, Delta, Omron, etc and approved by CE certificate, which enables us to provide our customers with high quality and stable packing machine at good competitive price, and sell the packing machines throughout whole world, including, but not limited to Europe like Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, United of Kingdom (UK); Middle East Area like Saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Jordan, etc; North and South America like Cananda, United States (USA), Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, etc; Asia like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonisia, India, Philppines, etc.

Sengong has an excellent technical support team, including highly experienced machinists and service technicians, which helps us win the continuous support from customs.

Company culture:

1. Company Vision: To be a professional manufacturer of first-class beverage packaging machines in the world

2. Enterprise mission: Combining East-West high-end packaging technology to create the most needed technology for all customers; Achieve the goals of employee happiness, customer satisfaction and social progress, Enhance shareholder's value and revitalize ational industry.

3. Business Philosophy: Integrity dedication, Sustainable developement

4. Entrepreneurial spirit: Integrity, Team, Innovation, Responsibility

Innovation is the foundation of an enterprise's invincible position in Drip coffee bag & Pyramid tea bag packing machine Industry!

In the world, company from Japan, Germany, Italy and Poland are the early supplier for packing machine, and they produced very good machinery.  We are a Chinese manufacturer, happy to join the group, produce the tea and coffee packing machine.

We believe Innovation is the foundation of an enterprise's invincible position.

1. Only innovation can seize the opportunity:

2. Only innovation can solve the pain points of the market:

3. Innovation and change make enterprises invincible:

We can produce what others don't! What others have, we have better quality! Innovation is the life of an enterprise, and only by constantly innovating can an enterprise remain invincible. Without the Innovation, there may be only one way to go for a company - Price war, which damaged the industry, and finally the customers.

Lucky, we are always serval steps forward in China:
1. For drip coffee packing machine: 2 Years ago, we already started the packing solution with round corner, now we are very experience. If you need round corner drip coffee packing machine, we have 2 solution for you!
2. For pyramid tea bag packing machine: 2 Years ago, we released the new machinery with premade pouch system instead of roll stock film. So now you can see the pyramid tea bag in premade pouch, loose tea in small stand up pouch, tea bag with zigzag in China Market.
3. Drip coffee bag roll making machine: The drip coffee bag is prevailing after it was invented in Japan, which boosted the automatic coffee packing machine and stimulated packing material industry. This roll making machine will be a great help to the drip coffee filter materials.

For the future: What is the packing requirement in demand? Will hear from you!

What kind of tea and coffee is working with our packing machine and making machine?

1. For American tea and coffee:
United States of America shared a great of gross domestic product and population as consumber in tea and coffee beverage, so tea farmer start to grow black tea in Alabama, Hawaii, Oregon, South Carolina, and Washington, although most of tea are imported from other country, including American classic tea, Plantation peach loose tea, Island green tea, Charleston breakfast tea, apollo tea, flavor mint teas, etc.

Besides, Hawaii Kona coffee is produced in the west and south of the Kona area of Hawaii Island and sold not only to domestic market in USA, and also to other country because Hawaii Island shared ideal geographical location and climate for growing coffee.

2. For mexican Arabica coffee and tisanes tea:
Mexico is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world and a big producer of organic coffee, with an annual output of about 5 million bags of coffee to USA and other country.
Mexico coffee mainly grew in production belt from Coatepec and Veracruz in north, Pluma and Oaxac in in the middle, and the Chiapas at the junction of the Guatemala Hueytnan fruit-producing area.

The vast majority of Mexican coffee is washed Arabica coffee, which is characterized by a very strong and special aroma, a bit like the aroma of over-fermented fruit, whereras small round beans from the southernmost Chiapas of Mexico have a mild and delicate taste and a very special aroma.
The tisanes tea from Mexico is type of herbal tea of camellia sinensis, is caffeine-free, making them in tea bag is ideal for brewing. With the new consumption habits, more and more mexican Arabica coffee and tisanes tea are made into drip coffee and tea bag, selling to USA.

3. For Argentina Yerba mate:
Argentine yerba mate tea with special caffeine can reduce fire, eliminate fatigue, and replenish physical strength. The plant used to make yerba mate tea is a special evergreen shrub that mainly grows in Argentina, South America because rgentina's climate is particularly suitable for the growth of yerba mate.

How to make Yerba mate tea: our packig machine offered the right solution for Yerba mate, both for pyramid shape tea and filter tea bag.

4. For Brazilian Coffee:
Brazil is a coffee country because 17 states of 21 in Brazil produced the coffee, with almost coffee variety from arabica, liberica and robusta coffee, etc, with Arabica being most. As a result, Brazilian coffee are sold to whole world, supplying green coffee, roasted coffee beans, coffee powder, freeze dried coffee, etc. To complying to USA coffee market, Brazil also started to produce the drip coffee bag and cold brew coffee bag with packing machine.

5. For Guatemalan coffee:
Guatemala coffee, produced in Guatemala, is type of Bourbon coffee with a strong sour taste, mellow and slightly wild, suitable for coffee blends and flavored Coffee.
Where there is a need for coffee, there is brave korea client who already grown coffee in Guatemala and set up coffee production line with our packing machine.  Right now, a lots of Guatemala coffee are exported to South Korea, selling and for marketing for Seoul International Cafe Show.

Besides, roasted coffee bean are exported to Saudi arabia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Ukraine for making drip coffee bag, instant coffee, etc.

6. For Costa Rica coffee:
Costa Rica coffee is produced in the Republic of Costa Rica in the south of Central America, and coffee quality is similar to Colombian coffee, suitable for blending coffee.
Right now, Costa Rican coffee is mainly exported to the developed country like United States, Belgium, Germany, South Korea, Italy and other countries, which means high quality is a must and machine for coffee production have to complay European standards, like drip coffee bag with nitrogen and coffee bean pouch with vacuum.

7. For German fruit and vegetable tea:
German fruit tea, also called flavored tea or mixed tea, is blended tea with different mix flavors including black tea, apple, strawberry, cherry, peach, pineapple, pear, apricot, lemon, rosehip, hibiscus, apple, orange peel, elderberries, strawberry, and peppermint.

German fruit tea is famous in whole world because of craftsmanship and formula with mixing recipe. Right now, Germany pyramid fruit tea is selling to whole world after processing by packing machine.

8. For Greek Mountain tea:
As an ancient country, Greece farm the teas including Sideritis tea (shepherd tea), chamomile, Saffron, thyme, Olympus tea, etc. If you want to know packing machine for Greek Mountain tea, Sideritis tea, kindly let me know!

Thank you for your time!

What kind of coffee powder works with your drip coffee packaging machine:

1. Coffee roast levels:

Color of Coffee roast levels: Light Roast - Cinnamon Roast - Medium Roast - High Roast - City Roast - Full City Roast - French Roast - Italian Roast - Deep Roast - Dark Roast
Taste of Coffee roast levels as below:
1.1 Light roasting: It has rich fruit tonality, with sweet and sour floral and fruity aroma, clean and refreshing taste, without sticky feeling.
1.2 Moderate roasting: It has nutty tones, mainly caramel, cocoa, and malt, and the taste is smooth and slightly sticky.
1.3 Deep roasting: with a bit of chocolate bitterness, low acidity, rich caramel, spice, woody, charcoal flavor, smooth, mellow taste, without astringency.

2. Grinding size / grind size: Coarse - Medium - Fine - Finer or Espresso - Finest or Turkish

Coarse ground coffee is for French Press.
Medium coarse grinding coffee is for pour over coffee and drip coffee bag.
Medium fine grinding coffee is for Moka pot and cold brew coffee.
Finer grinding coffee is for Espresso machine.

So here comes the conclustion that for packing machine, only the grinding size matters, nor the coffee roast level.

Customer Reviews from satisfied clients -  5 / 5 stars Reviews and rating:

For drip coffee bag packaging machine and pyramid tea bag packing machine, customers have given positive comments after using them, and here is a summary of customer reviews of these two products:

Drip coffee packaging machine:

1. Easy to operate: Customers generally think that this coffee machine is easy to get started, easy to use, and convenient for mass production.
2. Flexible use: Flexible and adaptable to a variety of product packaging requirements, it can produce hanging ears and cold coffee.
3. Good performance and stable: The machine is stable and reliable, ensuring continuous production and meeting market demand.

Pyramid tea bag packing machine:

1. High degree of automation: Customers appreciate the degree of automation of this packaging machine, such as through ultrasonic sealing and cutting, the package body is straight and flat, the edge sealing and welding are firm, and edgeless docking is achieved, which greatly improves work efficiency.
2. Good stable performance: The machine's pneumatic and electrical components are all made of high-quality brands, such as Japan's SMC and Germany's Schneider, which makes the machine's performance stable and simplifies operation.
3. Strong flexibility: This machine can be combined with different packaging forms according to user requirements to expand the weighing range. At the same time, it has strong compatibility and is easy to use with other packaging equipment.

Generally speaking, customers are satisfied with the stability of our packaging machines. They believe that the machine operates stably and has a low failure rate. It can complete packaging tasks continuously and efficiently, saving time and effort, and greatly improving work efficiency.

At the same time, customers also express their appreciation for the packaging effect, believing that the packaged products are not only beautiful, but also well protected, which can extend the service life of the product and increase the added value of the product. In addition, customers also praised the machine's efficiency and trouble-saving features, saying that after using this machine, the tedious process of traditional manual packaging can be eliminated, making the entire production process more efficient and smooth.

All in all, customers rated the machine very highly and considered it a trustworthy packaging equipment.

George Chaucer from Germany: "This filter coffee packing machine is really great, It shows extremely high stability and reliability in its work, giving people confidence in it. Thank you, to you, Mr. Peter".

Mark Pepys from United Kingdom: "The quality of this packaging machinery is very trustworthy, and its after-sales service is also very considerate, providing companies with all-round support. Thank you to you, Mr.Chen".

Charles Geordie from Italy: "This pyramid tea bag machine is not only easy to operate, but also has excellent packaging effects, making the product more competitive in the market. I am very satisfied. Thank you for recommending me of this perfect machine" .

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More than 17 year experience, already sold pyramid tea bag and drip coffee bag packing machine to Germany, USA, UK, Italy, Australia, Spain, Malaysia, Saudia Arabia, UAE, etc

Full range Packing Machine for tea and coffee bag: Pyramid tea bag machine (7 Model), Drip cofffee bag machine (4 Model), Filter paper teabag machine (4 Model) and we lead the new Packing Solution in this field!

With convenient transportation, our factory is about 30 minutes distance to Airport. and 10 minutes distance to Train Station. You are welcome to stop by and have a check with our packing machines in stock!

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