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Filter Paper Tea Packing Machine

C18-2 Filter paper tea bag packaging machine with thread, tag, envelope (Upgraded version)

Filter Paper Tea Bag Packaging Machine with outer bag is suitable for inner bag and outer envelope, and for packing small granular products such as tea leaf, medicinal tea,herbal tea, and health care tea.

A small note from professional manufacturer:
If you are looking for filter paper tea bag packing machine, please kindly check questions and get answers from this page below:
1. What is the packing weight or volume for tea bag?
2. What is the size of inner tea bag packaging materials you plan to use:125mm?
3. What type of packaging materials is used for outer tea bag?
4. What products is working with your packing machine?
4. What is the packing for whole machine when shipping?
6. How many models of packing machine or how many packing solution you can offer?
7. Here shows the working video of filter paper tea bag packing machine as belows / Bottom.
8. The techincal date of filter paper tea bag packing machine

1. Sample bag display here:

2. Size of filter paper tea bag packing materials film roll: From 125mm wide filte paper at 18g to 145mm wide filter paper tea bag film, etc
For one cup herbal tea bag, normally 125cm (18G) is enough and if for coffee bag, may try 25G.

3. The packaging materials for outer bag is Kraft paper bag or PE bag with aluminum foil, For more details, please kindly contact us.

4. What products is working with your machine?
We offer full packing solution that cover the powder products like coffee powder, granular product like the broken tea, to big size products like the rose tea, flower tea, etc. Kindly contact us to get the right packing solution for it.

5. The standard packing for shipping we used is the Plywood Case with plastic film wrapping inside:

6. We offer full range of packing machine to meet the requirement from single tea bag to inner and outer teabag packaging. May you check our main page to find the all of the packing solution!

7. Here shows the working video of filter paper tea bag packing machine: 
Except this video, welcome to click here to see more working video.

Feature of Automatic tea bag packing machine:

1 This machine is an automatic multifunctional tea bag packaging equipment with a new type of heat sealing.
2 The inner and outer bag can be finished at the same time, improving working efficiency and avoiding the direct contact between hand and packing material.
3 The inner bag is made of filter paper available with thread and tag attaching.
4 Can adopt photoelectric positioning for tag attaching and outer bag making.
5 Optional device: Date code printer.

Standard Technical Data
1. Type: Tea Bag Packing Machine Series
2. Product model: C18(Upgraded)
3. Product name: Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine with Thread, Tag and Outer Envelope
4. Packing Material: Paper/plastic,Plastic/plastic,Paper/aluminum,Plastic/aluminum,Filter paper, Thread, Paper tag
5. Measuring: Volumetric cup filler
6. Packing speed: 40-60bag/min
7. Filling range: About 3~15ml
8. Inner bag size: L:50-70mm, W:40-80mm
9. Outer bag size: L:70-120mm, W:60-90mm
10. Tag size: L:20-24mm, W:40-55mm
11. Thread length: 155mm
12. Power: 220V, 50Hz, 3.7Kw
13. Weight: 500KG
14. Dimension(L*W*H): 1250*700*1800mm

Inner and outer tea bag packing machine:

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Product Name:C18-2 Filter paper tea bag packaging machine with thread, tag, envelope (Upgraded version)

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