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Automatic tagging machine for Pyramid tea bag | Drip coffee bag




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Automatic tagging machine for Pyramid tea bag and Drip coffee bag

Automatic tagging machine is for labeling pyramid tea bag film with thread and tag, and making drip coffee bag roll with hanging ear, so that you can use this packing materials on your automated packaging equipment, to produce tea and coffee bags!
Tea bag tagging machine and making machine for drip coffee bag roll
Workable packing materials: Biodegradable PLA corn fiber tea bag filter, nylon mesh, good grade non woven fabric.

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Production process:
1. For tagging machine: Add the clean film roll (Pla mesh, nylon mesh or non woven mesh) - Set up paper tag and adjust the photoelectric sensor for positioning - put the thread roll - run the machine to add thread and tag - Finish production.
2. For roll making machine: Add the clean film roll (Food grade non woven fabric) + Set up the hanging ear making system - start the machine to add the haing eara to non wonven fabric - Roll up the film roll into a drip coffee bag roll.

As a leading professional manufacturer and factory, at competitive prices, we offer you tea bag tagging machine and drip coffee bag roll making machine with multiple function, to cover your packaging requeset from food and beverage industries, chemical industries, and even pharmaceutical industries.

Our tea bag tagging machine and making machine for drip coffee bag roll are not only automatic and efficient, but are also very durable when we check their quality with a longer work-life, which means you check machinery from HondaPack is correct.

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Tagging machine is a device that can add the film roll with label and paper tag with brand name, logo or products describe, and hanging ear hook. For tea and coffee beverage, right now the tagging machine is integral part of modern packaging.

Production standards for tea bag tagging machine and drip coffee bag roll making machine :
1. Tagging rate: The percentage of tag or hanging ear is added to the film roll, and the basic requirement is 100% for each roll after prodution.

2. Damage rate: In the labeling process, the percentage of the number of labels damaged by the tagging machine to the total number of labels consumed when the inspected packaging roll is labeled.

3. Positive rate: Among the inspected film roll, the percentage of the number of roll to the total number of inspected packaging film.

Type of tagging machine and making machine: Labeling machine classification can be many type from the degree of automation, different labeling functions, and tagging way.

According to the degree of automation, tagging machine can be divided into manual tagging machine, semi-automatic and fully automatic making machine.

According to different labeling functions, it can be divided into tea bag tagging machine, double-sided tagging machine, side drip coffee roll making machine and hanging ear tagging machine.

According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into manual labeling machine, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

According to different labeling functions, it can be divided into flat labeling machine, double-sided labeling machine, side labeling machine and circular labeling machine.

According to tagging way, round shape tag tagging machine, shaped tag making machine, pachit coffee bag roll making machine, VFR coffee film roll making machine.

Features of tagging machine and making machine:
1. Machine adopts the ultrasonic wave technology, which is more eco and hygenic.
2. Equipment is under the control of intelligent PLC system and photoelectric sensor, which can prevent missing tag and hanging ear waste.
3. With High stability, advanced electronic control system composed of smart PLC + touch screen, supporting equipment long term production.
4. Easy to adjust, tagging speed, conveying speed can realize stepless speed regulation, adjust according to needs.

5. Sturdy and durable, the three-bar adjustment mechanism is adopted to make full use of the stability of the triangle, and the whole machine is solid and durable. Made of stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, in line with GMP.

Application industry:
1. Beverage industry: Tagging machine is widely used in tea industry whereas the roll making machine is for coffee industry. The application in beverage industry requires high speed and accurate positioning, and there are often multiple labels in one film roll. In addition, the shape and printing of the tag and hanging ear often change, and the skill of position control is very high when labeling.

2. Food Industry:  The competition in the food manufacturing industry is fierce, and shaped tag provide manufacturers with more space for publicity and promotion, and also pose new challenges for the design of tagging machine.

3. Medical industry: Here is mainly for herbal tea bag. So the medical supplies manufacturing industry is using food grade tags more and more widely. In addition to being used for marking, the labels also provide other functional purposes. The design of the machine also varies according to the particularity of the labels.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry is a big user of automatic labeling tagging machine with high requirements for speed. The design of the tagging machine should take into account the integration of the round shape tag and shaped label, and provide additional functions such as two side printed tag and paper label for brand.

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