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Automatic tea bag packing machine




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Automatic tea bag packing machine

Automatic tea bag packing machine - Manufacturers, suppliers and factory from China

Automatic tea bag packing machine is a new type of multi-functional packaing equipment for tea and coffee beverage packaging.

The main feature is that the automatic packing machine can form and make inner and outer tea bags at one time, which avoids the direct contact between the human hand and the material, and improves the efficiency.

There are two type of automatic tea packing machine:
First one: Ultrasonic sealing automatic packing machine for pyramid tea bag and triangle tea bag:

1. This machine adopts electronic weighing system, can automatic mix tea ingredients and pack different type of tea into one bag.
2. Packing materials: Works with biodegradable tea bag, corn fiber pla mesh, nylon tea bag, non woven tea bag.
3. The machine can weight and fill tea products to pack, from broken tea, green tea, loose leaf tea, small granular tea, big size tea like flower tea, rose tea, etc

Second one: Heat sealing automatic packing machine for filter paper tea bag with thread and tag, double chamber tea bag, etc.

1. This machine adopts measuring volumetric cup as filling system, and mainly is used to pack broken tea, herbal tea, green tea, etc.
2. The packing materials use tea bag filter paper roll as the tea filter.

Here can see the Youtube Video below:

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FAQ: How do you package individual tea bags?
So our automatic tea bag packing machine will give you packing solution for your tea package, and in this page, offer you 2 type, more than 10 sets of tea bag making machine for you.
Automatic packing machine for packing solution:

With the development of tea packaging materials, there are more and more type of packing machine for tea.

Below will briefly describe the progress and performance of tea packaging: Wooden boxes, iron tins, paper bags, bamboo cans, porcelain cans, tin cans, tea bag filter like filter paper tea bag, corn fiber tea bag and nylon tea bag, etc.

1.1 Carton and paper box: Comes a packing solution for packing tea bags into paper box.

Cartons are made of corrugated cardboard. They have the advantages of low cost, light weight, easy processing, easy storage, and recyclability. They are generally used for large packaging with inner bags, and are also commonly used as outer packaging boxes for cans and boxes. The surface of the box can also be printed with patterns, characters, logos, etc. of the product according to different requirements. Corrugated boxes have gradually replaced wooden boxes and metal boxes, and are currently mostly used as packaging materials for transporting tea abroad, mainly in tea processing plants. The carton specifications are designed by each manufacturer according to the needs. When packing tea, line a layer of kraft paper bag and aluminum foil bag, or use a polyethylene plastic bag.

#Cartoning machine
#carton erecting machine

1.2 Metal can packaging: Offer a packaging solution for pyramid tea bags into tin can

Metal cans are made of tin-plated steel sheets or galvanized steel sheets. The shapes of the cans are octagonal, cylindrical and flat, and there are two types of single-layer and double-layer covers. From the perspective of sealing, there are two kinds of general tanks and sealed tanks. Generally, the cans are packed with a deoxidizer to remove the oxygen in the package, and the sealed cans can be used for vacuum packaging. The protection of metal cans to tea is better than that of composite films, and the appearance is beautiful and noble.

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1.3 Liner bag box (can): Offer a packing solution for triangle tea bags into tin can

The packaging box is made of paper, the upper and lower covers of the can are made of paper or metal (iron or aluminum), and the body of the can is made of offset paper/paper aluminum foil/polyethylene. In addition, there is also a kind of canned tea can, the upper cover of the can is an easy-open cover (made of aluminum), the bubble tea bags are loaded one by one from the bottom, and then the hard plastic cover is tightly nested from the bottom of the bottom. Open the top cover. These packages not only have the function of composite film bag packaging, but also have the protective and rigid functions of carton packaging. They have a strong fresh-keeping effect, comparable to iron cans, and the price is 10-30% lower than iron cans. Moisture-proof, anti-rust, fragrance-preserving, and heat-insulating are superior to traditional iron cans. It combines the strengths of paper, plastic, and metal. It has the advantages of beautiful appearance, firmness, lightness, convenience, economy and environmental protection. If it is not packed with small bubble tea bags, it is best to cover the box with a plastic bag to increase the protection effect. Its shapes include round cans, square cans, hexagonal cans, octagonal cans, flat paper cans, etc. Specifications are 50g, 100g, 200g, 250g, 500g, etc. The outer packaging is a gift box that can be used as a gift. The gift box usually has two cans, four cans, or six cans, plus an outer box and a handbag.

1.4 Bamboo (wooden) box

It is mostly used for gift packaging. This kind of container is usually finely crafted, with beautiful patterns printed on the surface, and has good decoration. At present, wooden packaging is more commonly used. Wooden packaging is antique and unique in shape. Various artistic methods such as carving, inlay, and calligraphy are applied to it. There are many famous works among them, which are very rich in traditional Chinese culture and have a strong market. Infectious, has a certain collection value. In addition, there are also independent artistic picture frames and cabinet-style electronic music gift boxes with electronic music lighting effects on the buttons. The main disadvantage of bamboo (wooden) box packaging is that the sealing effect is poor, which is not conducive to the long-term storage of tea leaves. Therefore, aluminum foil laminated bags are often used as the inner packaging, or tin foil is used for the inner packaging of wooden boxes, or the tea leaves are first packed in cans. A bamboo (wooden) box is used as a jacket inside to ensure the airtightness of the tea as much as possible. The relatively expensive price of bamboo (wooden) boxes is also one of the reasons hindering its promotion.

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1.5 Stand up pouch from composite film packaging: Realize the packing solution for filling pyramid tea bag into pouch

There are many kinds of composite films for packaging tea, such as stretched polypropylene/polyethylene, moisture-proof cellophane/polyethylene/paper/aluminum foil/polyethylene, biaxially stretched polypropylene/aluminum foil/polyethylene, etc. The composite film has excellent resistance Air resistance, moisture resistance, fragrance retention, anti-odor, etc. At present, polyester/aluminum foil/polyethylene composite materials are better used in the market, followed by stretched polypropylene/aluminum foil/polyethylene composite materials. One of the best performance and shading performance. Composite film bags come in a variety of packaging forms, including three-sided seals, stand-up pouches, and folding buttons. In addition, the composite film bag has good printing and coloring performance, good heat sealing performance, and is used for sales packaging design, which has a unique effect. Therefore, many tea packages are packaged in composite film bags.

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1.6 Unique oolong tea packaging:

The oolong tea packaging takes the packing solution from aseptic packaging, nitrogen filling or vacuum packaging as the feature.

Taiwanese oolong tea and southern Fujian oolong tea have a spherical shape due to their curly and tight shape including round corner tea bag, triangle shape tea bag, shaped tea pouch, and mini stand up pouch. After shrink packaging, the shape can be kept in its original shape, and it is not easy to break.

At present, general-purpose vacuum packaging machines are divided into different models such as 1.5kg, 2.5kg, and 5kg according to the maximum packaging capacity. Each model can pack one blister (7g, 10g) and 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g and 3kg, 5kg and other tea bags. Northern Fujian oolong tea such as Wuyi rock tea cinnamon, narcissus and Guangdong oolong tea are twisted and long strips. If they are packaged in vacuum with negative pressure, the tea leaves are easily broken. Most of them use composite aluminum foil bags and polyethylene bags.

At present, medium and high-grade tea packages of southern Fujian oolong tea and table-style oolong tea are generally packaged in small bubbles (composite aluminum foil bags are vacuumed), and narrow bags (which can hold 7g-8g of tea) in one bubble are the most common. There are 1 or 2 small gaps on the composite aluminum foil bag (which can contain 8g-10g of tea), which is convenient for tearing the small bubble bag when it is used; The plastic small bubble bag is filled with tea first, and then put into the composite aluminum foil bag small bubble to vacuumize.

This packaging method has several advantages:
1. it is convenient for brewing and drinking. One brewing bag can use the amount of tea at one time, and there is no need to weigh it again.
2. it is easy to carry. It is convenient and fashionable to take it out.
3. it is convenient for storage, and this independent structure of the packaging will not affect other teas during use; The grade and taste give people a noble and elegant feeling, and it is also one of the necessary inner packaging forms for gift oolong tea. Practice has proved that small bubble bags are recognized by oolong tea consumers and have a strong centripetal force.

This is one of the important reasons for the unprecedented expansion of the domestic oolong tea sales market in recent years. It will undoubtedly affect and drive the progress of other tea packaging.

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1.7 Compostable and biodegradable tea bag:
Corn fiber, named after PLA fiber or polylactic acid fiber is a synthetic fiber made from starch such as corn and wheat, which is fermented into lactic acid and then polymerized and spun.

In tea and coffee beverage industry, PLA corn fiber is a bio-based material, environmentally friendly and biodegradable, and widely used for tea bag production.

Compostable and biodegradable: PLA fiber can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water under the action of microorganisms in soil and seawater, and will not pollute the earth's environment. Since the initial raw material of the fiber is starch, its regeneration cycle is short, about one to two years, and the carbon dioxide produced by it can be reduced in the atmosphere by plant photosynthesis.

Food grade: Polylactic acid fiber is a lactic acid polymer synthesized from lactic acid contained in the human body, which is absolutely safe for the human body. According to tests, the circular knitted fabric made of corn fiber does not irritate the skin, is beneficial to human health, and has a sense of comfort.

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Watch Youtube Video for tea bag packing machine, tea bag packaging machine, working with biodegradable pla tea bag, nylon tea bag, filter paper tea bag from manufacturer, factory and supplier directly!.

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C21 tea bag filling machine:

C21 automatic tea bag packing machine for Italy teabags:

C21 tea bag filling and sealing machine: 8 Set in Client factory

C20DX-6 High speed tea bag packing machine with Electronic Weigher as filling system:

C20DX Pyramid tea bag packing machine:

C20 Single tea bag packing machine with thread and tag:

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Inner and outer tea bag packing machine: Why automatic tea bag packing machine sells hot than powder packing machine?

There are many type of packing machine, including the automatic tea bag filling machine, powder packing machine, granule packing machine, liquid filling and packing machine, pastes packing machine

Powder packaging machine shared some advantage:

Compared with those common packaging equipment, automatic tea bag filling machine are closer to our lives. For example, different type of tea, coffee powder, milk powder, condiments and various powder products in our lives are packaged with powder packaging machines.

With the development of technology and progress, tea packaging machines have now derived vertical pyramid tea bag packaging machines, automatic filter paper tea bag packaging machines, tea quantitative packaging machines and other types of packaging machines.

To supply the market with professional Packing machine, we catch up the chance and develope the ultrasonic tea bag packing machine, herbal bag packing machine, powder bag packing machine.

From the application of various new packing machine and new technology, the tea packaging machines have shown advantages that cannot be replaced by any other packaging equipment, which is also entirely due to the special packaging requirements of powder products.

We all know that due to its special physical properties, tea products are prone to flatulence during packaging, which not only fails to guarantee product quality but also brings losses to the enterprise. The use of tea packaging machines can avoid this situation to the greatest extent.

News from automatic tea bag packing machine manufacturer and supplier.
Automatic tea bag packing machine Guide and Operation

Many thanks for your purchase of automatic tea bag packing machine model. This operation manual serves to guide you how to operate the machine properly and guide you how to conduct some basic trouble shooting by yourselves. Kindly read this operation manual carefully prior to the operation.

1. Please do not discretionarily make any commissioning or amendments to this machine as it has been testified eligible by strictly commissioning and verifying all its components and mechanisms before ex-works. Should there be any more queries after the reading of the manual, please contact the company's After-sales Department.
2. We hope for your understanding and forgiveness as the manual may be somewhat different from the machine itself should there be any partial modifications to the machine.
3. The manual only gives a simple account of the machine's maintenance. Please contact our After-sales Department should the machine have any faults that you can't solve.

Parameter for packing machine:
Bag form method: 3 side sealing;
Measure: 1-5 grm/bag;
Ability: 40-60bag/min;
Size of tag: 25x25mm;
Power: 220V 50Hz 3.7kw
Heater: Heat tube for vertical sealing of inner bag: 350w    2 tubes;
Heat tube for horizontal sealing of inner bag:  350w   2 tubes;
Heat ring for tag: 100w  2 pieces;
Heat ring for vertical sealing of outer bag: 350w  2 pieces;
Heat ring for horizontal sealing of outer bag: 350w  2 piece
Externality: 900x700x1700mm (L*W*H)
Weight: 500kg

D. Packing material and working environment:
1. The tag paper:
Two-sided attach the heating sealing film.
Paper standard: 85 grm/sq.m.
Diameter of the paper roll: 250 mm.
Size of the tag: 25x25mm. (L*W) (Each kg of the tag paper roll can produce about 5000 of tag.)
2. The filterable paper:Paper standar: heatting sealing filterable paper;
3. Packing film of outer bag: Compound wrappers of film/polythene, cellophane/polythene, ethylene/polythene and aluminum/polythene
4. Thread: Cotton Thread;  4200m/roll;  155mm/bag; (Each roll of cotton thread can produce about 25000 bags)
5.  Working environment: no dust of big amount, 10°C - 40°C, the relative humidity less 75%.

Warning before running packaging machine:
Connect ground credible for avoid acne electric shock;
Keep the environment dryness;
Cut the power off when setting the packing material;
If the motor run reversal will made the part broken. don’t turn motor of the machine reversal;

A. Ready to running:
Connected the grounding reliable;
Turn the power on;
Setting all of sealing temperature;
Setting the filtrate paper, thread and tag on; setting the sachet film on;

B. Running step by step
1. Turn all handles ( filling handle, thread feeding handle, tag feeding handle and cutting handle) off;
2. Feed the filter paper into the sealing roller and press the "Run" key and turn the speed knob on the speed controller plate running the machine to make the empty inner bag. Make sure the inner tea bag is made well. Then press the "Stop" key stop the machine;
3. Feed the sachet film into the outer bag sealing roller and running the machine to make the outer sachet. Make sure the sachet well;
4. Close the tag handle;
5. Close the thread handle; and make sure the thread was sealing well;
6. Close the filling handle. Make sure the time of fill to a turn.
7. Close the cutting handle.
8. If all of the product look well after trial test, start working.

Machine transportation and installation
A. Transporting
You can use the wheels which are installed under the four angles of packing machine to remove it in the workshop or factory. The ground must be flat, or else easy to damage the wheels.
In order to transport the machine long-distance safely. The out box which use for packing the machine must be firm .We fixed the machine to the soleplate of the box firmly. The out of the box print the warning that inversion or impact is not allowed.

B. Installation
1. Make sure connect to the grounding wire in order to avoid injuring of electricity .
2. The packing machine must keep of the moist area and high voltage power supply.
3. Please trun off all of the power supplies before set the packing materials in order to avoid the accident.
4. You had better adjust the velocity under the condition that the packing machine is running by the electric motor.
5. Please put the packing machine on the shady and cool area where far from the sunlight.
6. If You operate the machine reversely,you will damage the machine.Adjust the machine by hand,please don’t rotate the hand wheel reversely.
7. Please clean the machine frequently,add the lubricating oil termly.
8. Change the oil in the decelerating part every 3 months.

Before the trial run test, if you need to set up the packing materials for packing machine, please please refer to instruction below:

Part 1: Wrapping of the inner tea bag filter paper:
A. Release the retaining ring and take off the film press plate.
B. Feed the film into the film guide rod anticlockwise. Fit up the film press plate and retaining ring. align the film center to the sealing line. faster the retaining ring secure.
C. Feed the film against roller 1. Twin roller A and twin roller B. As shown in the figure. Insert the shaper. And the film feeding is completed. ( Prior to insertion of shaper, fold the film end section into two folds and cut it into a pointed shape.)

Part 2: Adjust the shaper (Bag forming tube) of the inner filter tea bag
A. Make sure the shaper size is suitable for the paper width.
B. When the four edges of the packing bag take up lozenge shape, release the four fastening bolt 1, adjust in the right direction ( or in the left direction for reverse effect).
E. When the for edges of the packing bag take up lozenge shape release fastening bolt 2 for adjustment.
D. Adjustment to width of heat-sealed edge of vertical sealing, release fastening bolt 3, push it inwards for longer width, or vice versa.
E. For adjusting packing paper width, replacement of corresponding shaper is required.

Part 3: Adjust the time of thread feeding:
A. Stop packing machine;
B. Turn the feeding handle close;
E. Raise the handgrip up to move the gear 2 off;
D. Turn the brace clockwise (ahead the feeding time) or anticlockwise (lag the feeding time);
E. Drop the  handgrip down to take the gear 2 mesh.

Part 4: Time adjustment for labeling and line mark cutting
This mechanism is mainly made up the following: cams, approach switches, driving bevel gears, support, label moulds, line mark cutting tool, swing arm and arm cam. Cam 1 is to adjust the time for clipping the pack, Cam 2 is for adjusting wire supporting time, Cam 3 is for adjusting striking time and Cam 4 is for adjusting coding machine time. Correspondingly, there are the approach switches 1-1, 2-2, 3-3 and 4-4. When adjusting, you only need to loosen the fixed screws on the cams, turn the cams to the appropriate angle and tighten the screws. If the time for labeling and line mark cutting is out of sync with the time for label and line feeding, the correct method of adjustment is to loosen the screws on bevel gear 5, detach bevel gears 5 and 6, and then turn bevel gear 5 to the appropriate angle. Finally the screws should be tightened again(Please adjust it together with the line feeding mechanism). When labeling and line mark cutting is abnormal and needs to be adjusted,, the correct method is to loosen nut 10 and nut 15 to cause label moulds 9 and 13 to move up and down via screws 12 and 17, or screw off screws 12 and 17 and lock nuts 10 and 15 after label moulds 9 and 13 approach each other.

Part 5: Adjustment for horizontal sealing roller:
1. Loosen the bolts on open/close device frame and rotate filler plate.It is best when the device is fully open and the measuring-cup mouth is right opposite to the filler-feeding mouth.Fasten the bolt.
2. When adjusted the weight of the filling materials. The distance between leg and mobile turnplate had been changed. So must to adjust the leg to keep the distance in 2mm.

1. Release the bolt 2 and move the legs seat to adjust the distance between leg and mobile turnplate in 2mm.
2. Release the bolt 2 and turn the legs seat left right to take the measure cup at the filling trough above when the cover open full.
3. Release the bolt 1. move open leg left right to take the cover open full. And move close leg left right to take the cover close complete.

Part 6: Adjustment of traverse seal eccentric mechanism:
Function: to ensure that the line speed of traverse seal roller accords with that of the vertical seal roller within the sealing time, so as to ensure the quality.

Method of adjusting synchronization of vertical and traverse seal of inner bags: loosen tension wheel 7 and detach clutch dial block 8 to place eccentric chain wheel 5 and driving chain wheel 9 for traverse sealing of inner bags in a free rotating state, adjust eccentric disc 6 to keep the center of eccentric shoe 4 and the center of eccentric seat 1 at a level position, and to make the traverse seal roller at a level position at the same time to ensure the synchronization of vertical and traverse seal of inner bags.

Part 7: Adjustment of Traverse Seal Mechanism of Inner and outer Bags)
Adjustment of traverse seal length of inner bags: turn adjusting hand wheel 2, clockwise to enlarge the eccentric distance so as to make the outer bag length longer;

Turn adjusting hand wheel 2 anti-clockwise to reduce the eccentric distance so as to make the outer bag length shorter.

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