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Tea Packing Machine


Vacuum Tea Bag Packing Machine

Vacuum tea pouch packing machine

Vacuum tea pouch packing machine is suitable for stand up premade doypack pouch with zipper and rock tea, white tea, black tea, green tea, Pu'er tea, flower tea in short strip, needle shape, flat shape, sheet shape, etc.

Working process: Automatic grab stand up pouch - open premade pouch - weight tea / coffee product and fill into doypack pouch with zipper - vacuum or fill nitrogen gas to seal up.
Vacuum tea pouch packing machine
What vacuum tea pouch packing machine do:
1. 500G or 1KG loose leaf tea packaging
2. Filling and sealing pyramid tea bag into stand up pouch
3. 1KG ground coffee powder

Vacuum function and nitroge gas injection:
1. For tea, normally vacuum function is recommended.
2. For ground coffee, the nitrogen gas injection is advised.

Feature of vacuum tea bag packing machine:
1. This machine adopt a PLC countrol, frequency converter speed regulation, accurate weighing, which makes the machine stable performance and easy operation.
2. The equipment is energy saving due to design of mechanical and electrical integration, and can automatically realize the functions of compressing and loosening the packaging bag, closing the gate and dropping the bag.
3. The machine is wide range of application from leaf tea, coffee bean, ground coffee powder due to the electrocnic weigher with multiple function, as filling system.
4. The machinery can automatically complete the functions of weighering, printing, bagging, vacuuming, sealing and so on.

Standard technical data of vacuum tea pouch packing machine:

Technical data


Tea Bag Packing Machine Series

Product model:


Product name:

Automatic vacuum tea bag packing machine / tea premade pouch packing machine

Packing speed:

6-25 bags / minute    

Bag type:
Stand up pouch; Pouch with zipper; Premade doypack pouch;
Featured function:
Vacuum or Nitrogen gas filling

Filling range:

About 50-500g / 1KG

Bag size: 

Length: 200-320mm; Width: 65-150mm = Premade bag or doypack bag.


220V, 50HZ, 2.5KW

Dimension (L*W*H):




Here is the working video youtube of vacuum tea pouch packing machine:

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