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Multilane Packing Machine


Multi-Lane Packing Machine

Automatic multi lane stick bag packing machine

Multi lane stick packing machine is automatic packaging equipment with high-capacity and high-stability, and can automatically complete multiple packaging processes such as conveying, bag forming, filling and sealing, widely used in beverages, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, etc for coffee, sugar, sweetener, cinnamon, salt, pepper, spices in stick bag and sachet.

Why need multi lane stick packing machine:
1. Multi line stick packing machine can also customize 4-12 columns according to the packaging requirements and one set of machine can finish the production in tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of bags.
2. Bag type: Bag-shaped bags can be stick bag, three-side seal pouch, four-side seals or special shapes.
3. Compared with single-lane packaging machines, multi-column packing  machine has more advantages in terms of packaging efficiency, maintenance costs, and operators.

In general, the multi lane stick packing machine not only has efficient and stable packaging functions, but also can improve the production capacity and competitiveness of enterprises, and plays an important role in the development and promotion of the coffee and tea packaging industry.

Multi line stick packing machine has the following characteristics:
1. Adopting PLC program control and touch-type multi-language human-machine interface, it can efficiently and accurately complete the packaging of different liquids or sauces, while ensuring the packaging quality and production efficiency.
2. Modular design of horizontal sealing structure, the up and down reciprocating movement is powered by servo motor, photoelectric tracking, to ensure that the packaging film has no stretch deformation, deviation, accurate bag length, smooth and beautiful sealing.
3. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, and the parts in contact with materials can be customized with 316 stainless steel to effectively ensure food hygiene and safety.
4. According to the fluidity of different powder and granule, the suitable filling metering pump is adopted, the filling nozzle is more accurate, and the filling process does not leak or trap materials.
5. During use, machinery has automatic fault detection and alarm functions to ensure the safety and stability of the equipment.

Parameter of multi lane stick packing machine:

Standard Technical Data


General Packing Machine Series

Product model:


Product name:

Automatic multi lane stick bag packing machine


40-70 bag/min per line

Filling range:


Bag size:

Film width: 40-80mm; Bag Length: 30-150mm

Sealing type:

Back sealing Pillow Bag, stick bag, sachet, pouch

Cutting way:

Round edge




220V, 50HZ, 1KW, Single phase

Here can see working Video of automatic multi lane stick bag packing machine:

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